Our Favourite Merchants

A good relationship with a wine merchant is utopia for any restaurant.  They bring us wines which make the hairs stand up on the back of our necks and they
introduce us to winemakers with stories.

Click below to visit some of our favourite suppliers' websites.

Astrum Winecellars
Fingal Rock Wines
Raymond Reynolds
More Wine
Bat and Bottle
Wine Barn
Eclectic Wines 

Open Whites (all by glass and carafe)

Odes Gascogne Blanc NV, Plaimont
Gascony, France


Dipnos 2020, Kintonis


Maias Branco 2022, Quinta das Maias
Dao, Portgual


Picpoul de Pinet 2022, Christophe Muret
Languedoc, France


Txacoli 2018, Bodega K5
Cantabria, Spain


Viognier, Corbières, Famille Fabre (orange)
Languedoc-Roussillon, France



Whimsy on wine

Do you know what’s complete tosh? When eateries say they spend a lot of time on their wine list. The truth: one merchant will supply all of their wine and will often write the list for them.

We want this to be one area where we really are radically better and for our guests to be able to discover new wines and wine areas. In summary, we:

  • taste regularly with 8 merchants, each regionally specialised, the only way to have satisfactory variety and quality. We aim for a list of about 60 wines.
  • have at least a handful of people who take part in these tastings: it is not seen as the droit de proprietaire. Sadly.
  • have taken wine exams. This doesn't mean we know more than our guests, but we can help and should know the wines we list.
  • offer up to about 20 wines by the glass and, even better, by the carafe. Meaning you don’t have to compromise on which wines you choose.
  • have always limited the profit we make on better wines so that all wines on our list are more or less affordable.

The Bottle Shop

The wines you see on our list are very rarely seen in shops. In fact, if we see one of our wines in a supermarket, we usually delist it.

So if you've liked what you've drunk, we're happy to sell you our wine at a very reasonable price, usually just our cost price plus a couple of pounds. Brilliant if you’re staying nearby.


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Open Reds (all by glass and carafe)

Kotsifali 2022, ‘The Little Prince’, Karavitakis
Crete, Greece


Côte Roannaise 2023, Domaine des Palais
Loire, France


Valpolicella Classico 2022, Cà la Bionda
Veneto, Italy


Garnacha 2021, Gaznata
Gredos, Spain


Rondo, Pinot Noir Precoce 2022, Cicero, Trevibban Mill
Cornwall, England


"You know that every wine on their list has been rigorously selected for its inherent quality and value-for-money"
Nick Brooks, Vine Trail

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St. Ives, TR26 3DE