Some bibulous thoughts

Drink flows (responsibly) through our veins at The Gurnard’s Head. Beer and wine dominate much of our thinking, the sheer variety of each a permanent demand on our attention.

Here are a few rather earnest comments. For more whimsy on wine, look at our Wine page.

  • Beer must be loved and cared for in the same way as food or wine. So we do.

  • We price our drinks for our local trade, not the stream of seasonal visitors. So London prices can remain in London.

  • Carafes of wine are brilliant. We serve them in measures of 250ml or 375ml (third or half bottles). It means we can open more wines and you can have more choice.

  • By serving decent sized spirit measures (35ml), we don’t oblige you to order doubles: better for you and better value. And we mix our drinks properly.   



    On Draught

    We would rightly be sent packing if our beers were not up to scratch. Our local customers are a demanding bunch and tend to grizzle if something is not quite right so we make sure it always is.

    In addition to a tip top range of bottled beers, we always have three hand pulled Cornish ales, currently from any of Skinners, St. Austell and our new favourites, Harbour, Firebrand and Verdant.  

    Our Skreach dry cider is produced on a deliberately small scale by Noah in nearby St. Buryan.


    From as many as 20 wines by the carafe to eccentrically brilliant wine makers, from multiple tastings to innovative pricing, wine is something we approach with a serious mind and light heart. 

    It obsesses us and to give it its merited attention, we devote a page of our website to it. For what it's worth, our pubs have won multiple wine awards including UK Wine List of the Year from the IWC.

    We host a wine supper or two each year as well as what we call our Gurnard's Supper Club.  Informal dining at communal tables with good food, chatter and a wine or too.  If you'd like to be in the loop, Become a Friend or find us on social media.

    Fortify Yourself

    Every summer, press releases drop on the doorsteps of wine journalists and trade organisations banging the drum for sherry. And every year, the British public seem to respond with a deafening silence.

    So please, please do give sherry a chance. In its various forms it is a beautiful wine and does deserve recognition. We have more than a handful, all by the glass.


    We buy most of our brandies from David Baker of Brandyclassics, who may know more about the subject than anyone else in the country.

    The result is an intriguing mixture of Armagnac, Cognac and Calvados. And for those with Blimpish tendencies, Julian Temperley’s cider brandies from the heart of Somerset. Rightly very popular.

    “It’s hard to imagine a more perfect pub than The Gurnard’s Head”  
    Mark Taylor, Fork Magazine
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