Lunching Thoughts

It is rarely wise to try to be all things to all people. However, we think the Gurnard’s lunch is one of those occasions when it works.

It can be simple for those of you dropping in half way through a coastal walk. Refreshing or warming, as required. And as swift as we can.

Or it can be more gastronomically fulfilling for those looking for a more serious lunch. Maybe with a carafe of dry Riesling or a ferrous gamay from the Beaujolais.

Best in the bar during winter, in front of the fire, and in the garden in the summer when those gentle south westerlies have flown off for their afternoon siesta.


Sunday lunch

We've always been a popular destination for Sunday lunch. Maintaining that reputation is very important to us. So make your way along one of Britain's great ocean drives, chivvy the family along the coastal path and then join us to tuck in to a proper Sunday lunch.

 Mushroom & tarragon soup
Salt fish croquette, lemon, tartare sauce 
Mackerel, crab, spring onion, sesame & carrot salad 
Venison, Parma ham, mushroom ketchup, shimeji mushrooms, hazelnuts
Harissa smoked cauliflower, garlic yoghurt, sumac, merguez sausage, sunflower seeds 

Roast rib of Cornish beef
Roast leg of Cornish lamb
Whole plaice, mussel, fennel, caper & shallot butter, new potatoes
Red gurnard, cockles, ‘nduja, basil, tomato, spring onions, sherry 
Potato gnocchi, onion jam, Stilton, hazelnut, shallot 

Chocolate tart, figs, fig & port sorbet 
Chilled coconut rice pudding, mango sorbet, mango & passionfruit salad, coriander 
Tunisian orange cake, pistachio crunch, labneh 
White chocolate crémeux, raspberries, lemon curd, meringue 
Ragstone, chutney & biscuits
 2 Courses - 27
 3 Courses - 34

A typical lunch at this time of year

Pea & mint soup

Mackerel, salsa verde, aïoli, sourdough
Mussels, spicy Thai broth
Pig’s cheek, gem lettuce, pea & pancetta fricassée 
Charred broccoli, sunflower butter, hazelnuts, coriander

Beef & tomato ragu, roast garlic, basil & pine polenta, rocket & Parmesan 

Hake, pea, asparagus, spring onion, lemon & mint salad, yoghurt

Duck leg, hash brown, smoked hollandaise, broccoli, duck egg
Whole plaice, brown shrimp, lemon & caper butter, new potatoes
Beetroot, broccoli, cumin, hazelnut, coconut yoghurt

This menu is not available on Sundays.  Eyes to the left for details of our Sunday lunch.

If you follow vegetarian or plant-based diets, our menus include a good balance of dishes made with and without meat and/or meat products.  

“This was without question our best lunch of our trip - and quite possibly my favourite since the Paunch began”
Jonathan Brown, Aroundbritainwithapaunch Food
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